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This article reviews and comments on Polyglot: How I Learn Languages, a recent English language edition of Kató Lomb’s Így tanulok nyelveket, which was originally published in Hungarian in 1970. The article situates the work and provides a brief biographical sketch of the author, followed by an outline of the book. The article then examines more closely some of the issues raised by Lomb, such as adult learning, awareness in language learning, attitude versus aptitude, the use of a multipronged approach, taking personal responsibility, the role of regularity, as well as that of active and explorative reading, and the development of the four skills. Finally, it highlights the ongoing significance of Lomb’s seminal work for language learners, teachers and researchers. 

Polyglots have always excited the imagination of monolinguals. Kató Lomb (2008, p. 178) 

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